I have a love/hate relationship with January. I love that it’s a new year, with new possibility, but the high of the holiday season has worn off, and the winter blahs hit – I think most of us feel that way. Then I remember it’s the start of award season, and that perks me right up – all those glamours gowns and jewels along with all the parties and perks the awards seasons bring. That got me thinking about our jewellery wardrobes – we should all have a few basic pieces in our jewel box that look great even when were hanging out in our yoga pants having a glass of wine while watching those award shows! So…I’ve made a little collection of the top five pieces of jewellery a woman should have in her jewellery collection:

1. Diamondsdiamond-anniversary-bands-fine-jewellery-vulcan-ab-sarini Holly Golightly may have said that, “it’s tacky to wear diamonds before you’re forty,” but I think she’s wrong. Whether it’s the classic diamond stud earring, an engagement or right-hand ring, or an elegant pendant, a simple diamond piece is always a classic choice for your wardrobe. If you long for a big diamond, but don’t want to break that bank, try Moissanite – it’s a gorgeous substitute that has breathtaking brilliance and scintillation and gives you that classic look. I wear my diamond studs and pendant All. The. Time. They go with everything – even pyjamas!

Morganite ring with diamond halo.

Morganite ring with diamond halo.

2. Colored Stones – Even if you hate your birthstone (all you August birthdays, I hear you) pick your favourite colour, or a neutral like Smokey Quartz or Morganite (only the hottest gemstone out there right now) that will go with almost any wardrobe choice and wear it with reckless abandon! If you can’t find what you like, let’s talk about a custom gemstone piece – we can let creativity run wild and make something really fun!

3. A Statement Necklace – my niece always says to me, “Auntie, you’re wearing THAT necklace again!” and I always am. My quartz and agate three-strand necklace from Italy is my go to statement piece – if you don’t have one, get one – you won’t regret it. Make it your signature and wear it, remembering to layer other pieces with it!

4. Fashion Jewellery – Coco Chanel encouraged women to mix fabulous fakes with real jewels and she was absolutely correct! Fashion jewellery has come a long way and there are some truly gorgeous pieces out there, like the Ayala Bar line we carry – the craftsmanship is stunning, and the prices are easy on the pocketbook. As Coco also said, “luxury must be affordable, otherwise, it’s not luxury.”

5. A Statement Watch – these days, the biggest trend is the oversized boyfriend watch, but that isn’t the only style. Try on different styles, and find

Stainless Steel Necklace - $75.

Stainless Steel Necklace – $75.

something AK-1796RMRGclassic and elegant that can be worn with jeans or dressed up. Vintage watches are also a fantastic investment that can add layers to your wardrobe.

Bonus Pick: Something Stainless – Stainless steel jewellery is hypo-allergenic, and so affordable that you can find fabulous bling at an affordable price – think huggie earrings, multi-strand necklaces, or rose gold plated anything to give you fabulous for less.

Let me know what you think? Do you agree, are there any favourites we missed? I would love to hear your thoughts!