Breaking Up Isn’t Hard To Do…

You can trade any old, or broken jewellery towards your new, custom design! We’ve all been there, things just aren’t working, they feel tired and old, you just really want a do over – fresh from the start…We can help – with your jewellery that is!  You don’t have to live with pieces [...]

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Love Letter to a Diamond

In 2010, shortly after we had opened the store, we attended the JCK Jewellery show in Las Vegas.  It was only the second year we had attended, although working in the industry for years, I had always heard of the fabulous show, with amazing diamonds, gemstones, and jewellery as far as the eye could see.  [...]

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For the Love of Vulcan

This past weekend, Vulcan hosted their annual Star Trek convention Vul-Con 2016.  People from all over the world came together to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek, and meet celebrities like Robin Curtis (Vulcan Lieutenant Saavik in the films Star Trek III: The Search for Spock and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.), Andrew [...]

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The BEST (and most inexpensive) Silver Cleaning Tutorial You’ll Ever Need!

  Okay, sterling silver gets dirty we get that, but what's the best way to clean it? In our opinion, as we use this method at the store, this non- toxic way is the best and you'll have everything you need in your kitchen cabinets (and if you have kids, get them to help by telling [...]

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The Top Five Pieces of Jewellery Every Woman Should Own.

I have a love/hate relationship with January. I love that it's a new year, with new possibility, but the high of the holiday season has worn off, and the winter blahs hit - I think most of us feel that way. Then I remember it's the start of award season, and that perks me right [...]

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What are YOU hopeful for in 2016?

This past weekend, Jody Seeley and I were on a road trip to visit friends at Lawlor Jewelers in Stettler. As it was the New Year, she asked me what I was hopeful for in 2016. I loved how she phrased that, “what are you hopeful for” – as I had been thinking about what I [...]

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Sarini Fine Jewellery Wins Business of the Year

Wow! We were really honored and surprised to get the Vulcan Chamber of Commerce "Business of the Year Award".  We always try our hardest to serve our customers in the best way possible, but to be recognized for it is a great honor. Thank you to the Vulcan Chamber of Commerce, all who were involved [...]

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Happy Father’s Day

In my house, I am outnumbered.   With Dale and our three sons, I’m the only XX chromosome in the house, other than the cat!  Growing up, it was my Dad who was outnumbered with my Mom, Sharon, my sister, Krista, and I.  Since Dale and I have had our boys, and I can sometimes be [...]

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