In my house, I am outnumbered.   With Dale and our three sons, I’m the only XX chromosome in the house, other than the cat!  Growing up, it was my Dad who was outnumbered with my Mom, Sharon, my sister, Krista, and I.  Since Dale and I have had our boys, and I can sometimes be a little out of my element, I’m constantly grateful that he is such a great Dad.

Dale (in the background) having fun on the ski hill this winter.

Dale (in the background) having fun on the ski hill this winter with Samuel and Nicholas.

Often times, when the boys are doing stuff my sister and I would never have considered doing, I turn to Dale and ask, “Is this a boy thing?” and he gently reassures me that yes, it is, and I’m not to worry.

My father takes great delight in all the testosterone in my home, and he’s taken to Grand-parenting like a duck to water.   He, Dale and the Boys, often go on adventures together, even if it’s only going to town for parts, working with Dad’s herd of Black Angus cattle, or doing something on the farm.   My Dad gets to enjoy the best of both worlds now that we have the boys, if fact, he might say being a Grandparent is even better as he gets to hand the boys back to us at the end of the day.

On Father’s Day, it’s great to celebrate these men in my life and the role models that Dale, and my Dad are for the boys.  I read an article today that discussed the role that Dad’s play in a child’s life.  The article referenced a study that was done, which proved there are several aspects of a child’s life where the father’s influence outweighs the mother’s influence.  I’m sure that’s true – Dad’s teach us many things, just by virtue of being a Dad – how to be a strong role model, how to work hard and play hard,  how to throw a ball… Thanks, Dad – being a tomboy growing up, my favorite thing to do was play baseball (as I was certain I was going to be the first woman in the MLB), and you threw a lot of balls with me…even after a wild pitch meant I broke the window in the front room!

My Dad and I in 1971, his first Father's Day

My Dad and I in 1971, his first Father’s Day

I hope you’re able to celebrate tomorrow with your Father!  This Father’s Day, Dale and the boys will celebrate with the matching family crest rings that I designed with one of our partners, Coast Handworks.

We took elements from Dale’s family crest, and my family’s crest, and then added in a few elements all our own, like a Norwegian Viking ship as we both have family from Norway.

The finished product

The finished product

Warren, at Coast Handworks said this was exactly how family crests have been designed for years.  If you’re looking for a truly unique gift, come in and see us, and we can discuss how you too, can create a unique gift for the Dad in your life any time of year.

Happy Father’s Day!