I recently went on holiday with six other women – it was a Christmas present from my husband and kids, which now is in the top five of best gifts ever (behind jewellery, of course)! It was an interesting experience, as I only knew one of the women, my friend Tracy, who had invited me.

What made it so interesting is how, even though I knew hardly anyone, we all connected over our shared experiences of motherhood. The first night in our villa, we all had supper together and a few glasses of wine, and we simply talked about ourselves, our husbands, and our children. Our stories flowed, along with the laughter and a few tears, and we bonded over our stories from the frontlines of motherhood. There are some “Mom “experiences that are universal – I don’t care what anyone says, we all have times of joy and laughter; struggle and frustration; guilt and shame, but the experiences we have shape and strengthen us in ways we’ve never thought possible.

Being a Mom is probably the hardest job I do – you never know from one day to the next where the journey will take you. There have been many times I’ve phoned my Mother and apologized for my behaviour as a child, when one of my three boys does something that brings a memory of my own from childhood racing back. My Mother is always very gracious, reflecting with humor and love over whatever childhood indiscretion I’ve called her about. I suppose time gives us all the gift of perspective … secretly, I’m looking forward to a few phone calls in the future from my kids, so I can fondly reminisce!

sarini fine jewellery vulcan ab mothers day photo

My Mom and I in 1971 – the year she celebrated her first Mother’s Day.

The other thing reminisce about is, of course, the jewellery. When our boys were born Dale made sure to commemorate their birth with a special piece of jewellery. Mother’s Day has often been a time when the boys choose something special, as my sister and I did (and still do) for our Mom. One of the lovely parts about owning a jewellery store is being a part of these special occasions with our customers. It’s very humbling to be part of our customer’s lives through the purchases their families make for them. We love seeing the smiles that come from a child and their Dad finding that perfect piece of jewellery for Mother’s Day, or any occasion, which is why we take great care in choosing jewellery in a variety of price points so that anyone is able to shop in our store.

No matter how you celebrate this Mother’s Day, we want you all to remember to look for the joy in the day. Being a Mom brings you face to face with yourself, and at times it may be terrifying, but it is a great gift that makes us stronger than we ever thought was possible.

Happy Mother’s Day!