The other day, I was having lunch with a dear friend and we were talking about jewellery – we both love diamond jewellery and we were telling stories about our diamond engagement rings.  She then told me of how she had always wanted to write a book about a jewellery box, and stories behind each piece of jewellery it contained.  As our tag line at the store is, “Let our jewellery tell your story,” I  was intrigued with her idea and we talked about her story, as well as our favorite pieces of jewellery, the rest of the lunch…

One of my favorite parts of owning a store is that we get to hear the stories about your jewellery, when you bring it in for repair or cleanings, and we get to create new stories with each piece you take home from our store, every diamond engagement ring we sell, or when we create a custom design for you.  If you asked any of us to tell our life’s story, included in it we would have jewellery that marks special events in our lives – our engagement, anniversaries, the birth of our children, or jewellery we bought just because they made us feel good.

To celebrate our new blog – we invite you to send us a photo of your favorite piece of jewellery along with the story behind it!  Please email it to us at [email protected] – we’ll share our favorites.  In the meantime, here is mine –

It’s the diamond engagement ring my husband purchased for me when we opened our own store, along with the diamond wedding band he gave me for my 30th birthday.  I love the old and the new together, and the thought that he had, to celebrate opening our store (a milestone in our lives) with a special piece of jewellery.

Celebrate the sparkle,